Monday, May 29, 2006

Rachel Kendall / Simon Kewin

Two more in the occasional series depicting the Post-Nemo Bios of the eighty Nemonymous writers in issues 1-6:


So, for the info on what I am up to now (this is a great idea by the way):-

"Leaves Like Hearts" (Nemo 4)
"Solid Gold" (Nemo 5)

How I am getting on:
I have had a number of short stories published since "Solid Gold", mostly flash fiction though, as I am working on a new novel. I have also been editing the art and lit zine "Sein und Werden" ( since 2004 (see here for the interview with Des Lewis ( Currently I am also working on an ongoing photoproject, updating my journal (, and collaborating on three art and music projects. My self-published short story collection 'Her Black Little Heart' came and went in 2005, and later this year should see a new collection published by D-Press (Whispers of Wickedness).

What difference (if any) Nemo made :
"Leaves Like Hearts" was my first 'proper' paid short story (aside from "Connections" and my very first short story for which I was paid with a herbal tea bag). I had been in a deep depression/creative block and wrote the story when my therapist told me to 'Just write. Write something for me. Anything'. There were two stories that came out of that time. I happened to send Leaves to Des, despite being rejected for Nemo numerous times before. Being accepted at that time, by a magazine I considered one of the most important of the small press, gave me the motivation I needed to keep on writing.



"Earthworks" (Nemo 2)

How I am getting on :
I'm still writing, whilst being a full-time software developer and, indeed, father at the same time. I've had several other stories and poems published since Earthworks, none of them really in the same mold. I'm currently working on a novel, which I plan to complete this year. My web site is at should any one want to browse on by. As well as other delights you can read my poem "Tribute to John Cage", which predates Des's own 4'33" by some way ...

What difference (if any) Nemo made :
Getting published in Nemo was a major lift to me as a writer. I had been published before, but Nemo felt like my first professional sale and remains one of those that I'm proudest of.

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