Saturday, May 20, 2006


The latest anamorphosis of Nemo:

Re questions I've received -- I have changed the submission procedures for hard-nosed reasons. Nemonymous being heretofore a failed experiment.

However, I do not intend to allow the name of the writer or whether the writer is a customer or not to affect my choice of stories from the final fifty.

Re the 'name', if I lean anywhere, I shall lean towards new writers, I guess (which is my instinct - to encourage new writers) bearing in mind that the final fifty stories chosen anonymously from hundreds of others are all likely to be suitable for Nemo 7. But I do not intend to lean in any direction other than the right story for Nemo 7!

Re the 'customer' issue, I think it important for writers to *believe* (or wonder if) the fact that they are a customer will be weighed in the balance by the editor choosing stories, even if (as should be the case in my opinion) the editor takes no notice whatsoever of this fact! (I think there are millions of budding writers and all existing and potential customers for all short story outlets are among them).

Regarding the final stories being divided between those published with a by-line and those published anonymously (late-labelled), this is a new experiment I wanted to conduct. I believe most writers will opt for being directly by-lined in Nemo 7, hence there will be a bigger fee for stories published anonymously!

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