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Big Brother 11 (2011) - Part Three

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I'm now getting muddled up between John James and JJ ...

Sam was of course right about Josie. An interesting moral dilemma later posed by Dave - should one be oneself and give honest views (as Sam claimed to be doing) or should one boost people's confidence so that they feel good (presumably meaning one could be two-faced in so doing)?

In the BB House, do your normal considerations apply, I ask Dave, rhetorically.

Equally, I suspect Sam has been set up by BB specifically to stir the pot (or pepper it!). Mutualy accepted by all as a semi-mole? Nod nod. Wink wink.

Corin's playground chanting brings a bit of the Fifties into the soul of the party.
She is a carefully groomed BB machine - a cross between Hilda Ogden, Hylda Baker, Caroline Hearne (from the Royle Family) and Bet Gilroy/Lynch (ex-Corrie) and other ingredients I have'nt yet identified. Spot the template.
She is so polished - she is bound to win.
Marion: He has remarkable sangfroid for one so young

Indeed. Or is Sam acting this sang-froid with equal sang-froid? I think he is a remarkably clever rascal. Someone it would not give me pleasure to know, though.

Jo was the BB in flesh, too. Another plant? Jo's assessment was a mistresspiece.

Catching yawns like infections? 'Stretched between the angel wings' they sometimes call this common phenomenon.
Corin and JJ in bed at the end of the show last night - certainly a genie of some sort or its bottle was being rubbed if the actions or implications of the words were to be believed. Corin is certainly perfecting her perfection as a winner to the Nth degree.

And John James, you're right, wants out from the mess he's in.

Josie with her worry duvet (sucked at the edges) - will be calling it a name soon like a favourite doll's name. Just mark my words.

Sam is a sprite, an 'imp of the perverse'. He has been dressed for the part by BB by giving him an impossible task to win his suitcase of normal clothes (assuming he had such a suitcase in the first place) - and Sam is colluding with this role.

Mario's dodgy 'randomness' - seems an emblem for this year's BB itself.
I, too, thought Corin's biting the Coin was excellent - as Scrooge. She has style, this lady, whether it is contrived or not.

John James was in foul mood. I think he is playing to go. He needs a fresh duvet. Perhaps you should not vote for him just to annoy him - or cloy the sticky tapestry further around him.

And why two Miss Havishams? Dickens never had two of things, like Tweedledum or Tweedledee. Except perhaps the Trotwoods.

Sam continues to be the imp of the perverse. A role forged by the Niebelung.

I hate this diffuse Dickens task - especially with the quite irrelevant, anachronous Gilbert & Sullivan Mikado music that regularly accompanies the drawings turning into people.

I hope all three evictees go tonight.

The only HM who seems to talk any sense is Sam Pepper of Middle Earth.

Sorry, I'm in a bad mood.
Rachel was too bubbly for her own good - a bit like a mad scientist's experiment gone wrong. Too much Bunsen on the brain.

"Oh, willow, titwillow, titwillow!"
Josie can be quite witty sometimes = eg sleeping with Darth Vader
Josie can be quite deep sometimes, inscrutable = is she really on heat?

I wish BB hadn't got into the habit of embroidering raw film with retrocausal effects, eg playing 'Oliver' music to edited cuts of the celebration Dickensian party.
But I nearly guffed out on Belinda Belinda Belinda.

Andrew's into Mario's left bollock and water melons.

See Steve in THE BOO MAN (Cert X) in a cinema near you.

See Josie in THE BLOB - the B Feature.

Didn't understand the 'Never' drinking game at all!

Sam to win.
With some expressions of her face, Jo is like our dear late lamented Jade.

BTW, Certificate X was given to many types of film that now get a 12 certificate.

John James and JJ - the nodding sages - have identified something in Corin that I have long identified. Their now 'planned' campaign against her merely shows thyat their actions are predominantly ignited by this being a prize game show.
Josie's Knee - another icon like Claire's Knee?

Dave is often master of a bed's multiple Brokeback Mountain - last night involving Sam on top.

JJ's space invading was all rather run-of-the-mill. There are so many mission nows, HMs just shrug when they see someone doing something odd. Hmm, he or she must be on a mission. Let them get on with it.

This BB series is by far the worst of all eleven BBs (and not only because of the poor personnel (other than possibly Sam and Ben and Sunshine)) - with its cheesy retrocausal filmic effects, its adulteration by outsiders in a bodily infiltration within the house (eg Davina, Marcus, that dance teacher etc etc), and serial (HM's personality contrived or speciously image-geared) tasks & missions. At least they have got rid of that really stupid Tree of Temptation as a chest of drawers. Or have they?
There is something more satisfying in being evicted with an interview than walking in sorrow.

I agree with everything Marion says about the gunking nominations, though it produced some interesting inscrutabilities of intention and mis-intention.

I agree Sam is safe. Our hybrid between Puck, Ariel, Caliban, Nebelung, Gollum, Marc Bolan, Hobbit - our own Bulbo Biggins.

To match Corin's own variegated hybrid I've listed out before (except I meant Caroline Aherne not Caroline Hearne as part of that list).
I spoke too soon. The Tree of Temptation was back. Why don't they call them into the DR as they used to do - "will one HM come to the DR?" - then the random DR thus given a job that may or may not suit them.

This series is one of "bespoke" tasks. It's become more of a game show guided by Game Show gods. And the HMs are Game Show constatants, like 'Deal or No Deal' contestants 'buzzed' up or morphed to compete with the Banker. instead of real people, real people that have gradually diminished as the BB series have progressed until this dire last edition that is BB11.

Having said all that, I still find intriguing conundrums of intention and mis-intention, of gamesmanship versus reality. But I'm glad Corin has been sussed ... one just needs to look at her as she plays to the camera rather than to her co-HMs. She'll win, though.
I take that point about Lewis Carroll, Marion, but overall BB has become too self-consciously intent on effects. Pre-planned and over-manipulative and later embellished by editorial techniques that create new impressions and interpretations that didn't really happen in real-time. [Also, Sam knows this is happening since he watched the programme at home before becoming a HM and he is exploiting this knowingly in instinctive collusion with his vision of the BB Production Team].
Editing lengthy tranches of the streaming into a manageable summary is one thing, but then putting that resultant summary through a tendentious filter is another. This is the first time that BB has done the latter. And it is a sell-out. I wish BB had ended with BB10 rather than BB11.
Much better tonight (other than the outside broadcast!)

Sam is quaintly Dadaistic.

Josie is indeed a unique phenomenon in the ranks of woman.

They're sparking off together quite creatively tonight.

More tomorrow...
Sam is either a quite brilliant Dadaist with lots of empathy regarding his HM colleagues and the unseen audience - or someone who is quite out of control with very little empathy.
Will this conundrum be solved?
I think John James just lost his temper for real but Samwise was acting being upset. But I could be wrong about the latter.

This is more like it. After interminable periods of incomprehensible mumbling by Josie and her ambivalent beau, we have a classic 'argument' scene in the bedroom - it needs no direction, it needs no script or retrocausal rehearsal, no hindsight application of special effects other than the real-time infra red lighting.

Jo to go!
Yes, things are certainly picking up.
All rolls Samwise.

I think Corin has been tainted by various actions recently - at least Nikki was half-believable.

John James is now a lumpen mass of twisted anger and mock humour.

Josie could win. If the Doris Day in her wins out.
All seems chummy. Nobody's nose is out of joint. Just a straight run through with a series of group hugs.
Steve to go first?
I would like none of them to stay. It is sad that I have no favourites.
Yes, it's going to be a good week. Thanks, Marion, I trust you and I would never say anything different in private or in the Diary Room or anywhere else.

There was duvet action in spades yesterday, including Mario and Andrew. A possible relationship starting there?

I think, when push comes to shove, I'm having to choose Mario as my favourite, although I think Josie will eventually win.

Steve's comment about 'new legs' was cynically made and hopefully sceptically received. A war hero deserves much from us, but he doesn't deserve to win a game show that he doesn't plainly deserve to win on the terms of that game show.
Marion wrote:
Corin was not pleased to be called scary.

She was even less pleased by John James' suggestion that the word may have been 'false'!

Sam's antics as a living shadow were memorable.

Corin's assumptions regarding all wrong-doing being official 'tasks' or 'missions' adds to the evidence that BB has over-egged the cake this year.
Corin starred tonight. Actually I'm coming round to accept her brand of everything including the kitchen sink as part of her BB 'persona' including a Jadean take on the Pope! Her appearance at the end poking her head into the nest to talk about her own fakery - classic!
Amazing! Thanks for that info on the flood.

I'm beginning to agree with you about Corin, btw. As I said just before your post, she certainly starred well in the last summary programme.
Indeed a deluge of retribution upon Western civilzation's celebrity ethos, the glory of fame in the belly gushing out- hopefully, by symbiosis, to reduce more serious floods elsewhere in the world. I think it is true to say that it was the only freak storm in the UK that night (where none were forecast), appearing over the BB house and as quickly disappearing. Done simply so that it could be thus interpreted here.

It is remarkable how Corin lives within another form of symbiosis i.e. with her make-up. Literally a life and death matter. Make-up - fake-up - is indeed symbolic of her game. She still deserves to win, however...compared to the other contenders.

John James went through a sea change of his own last night...
He is more interesting sometimes than he seems!

BB tried to big up the other JJ. I hadn't really noticed him before.
Marion wrote:
Wthout her slap, Corin is a young Thora Hird who will always work, kindly and twittering, in a shop; with it, she is Jordan, glamorous and ready for opportunity to come knocking. Bless her - she isn't the only woman in the world 'who prepares a face to meet the faces that she meets.'

Even TS Eliot would recognise she is not a well-mannered (Alan Bennett-loved) Thora Hird, but a young Hylda Baker crossed with an even younger Hilda Ogdon crossed with Bet Lynch crossed with Caroline Aherne. But, yes, someone I'd like to meet serving me in the corner shop. The hybrid that is Corin probably works for pornography films, however, as her pre-BB day job..
I'd like to get her out of that world. So I shall vote for her to win.
One of the best BBs ever - tonight. All misbegotten emotion here. More tomorrow...


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