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Cerne's Zoo

Cerne's Zoo

posted Sunday, 22 November 2009

From my personal review' of the CERN ZOO book here:

Cerne's Zoo

"...Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, among others who have contemplated the possibility that souls exist in not only people..."

Another important story that has so far escaped under the radar. A touching and original ghost story about Zoo creatures and the death-bed confession of Cerne Lincroft (Christened thus as he was said to be conceived under the aegis of the Cerne Abbas chalk giant) who once smuggled an elephant with him on an aeroplane between USA and UK because the elephant felt home-sick. However, the story is far more tender and serious than that implies. It has a telling connection with THEORY, too, vis a vis its take on Animism.



After two respected scientists recently proposed that the Hadron Collider is sabotaging itself from the future and a bird escaped from the Zoo's aviary dropping a piece of bread into the Collider's cooling system, it is now good to see that the re-starting of the Collider's process (after 14 months) has gone so well in the last couple of days. However, one must not take things for granted. For example, I dreamt last night that an aeroplane flew over the Collider and dropped an elephant upon it.

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