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posted Sunday, 15 November 2009

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Re: Is the Internet something one should resist or embrace?


There is far too much to take in so they focus in upon a few specific things and then obsess about them. Sometimes the obsession is fruitful and positive, sometimes it is negative and polarising.
I think if you find the internet is making you unhappy, you should use it less. You should also set time limits when you use it and only use it for specific planned tasks. And you should stay away from the things that upset you.

I've been giving this much thought. It is very wise.

I tend to use the internet for expressing my fiction in a public way.... and philosophising about all manner of life's angles, original (I hope) and/or traditional.
Hadronic and/or Elizabeth-Bowenesque. Ligottian and/or Rhys-Hughesian. And/or...

This is tied up with a burning creativity (good or bad) and an ambition (but I'm not sure about the nature or goal of that ambition).

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