Sunday, August 15, 2010

Films as Ghosts

Films as ghosts

posted Friday, 20 March 2009

From this thread:

Q: I watched A PASSAGE TO INDIA last night for the first time in ages and was struck by its almost supernatural atmosphere. What other films have a similar mood without slipping over the line into the explictly ghostly?

My of-the-cuff answer:

The Passage to India film (as I recall it) simply reflects (in a good way) the book as you suggest.

All films for me have the presence of ghosts (perhap the cameramen and crew whose shadows can be often glimpsed or imagined (in a bad way)).

Many black and white films carry viruses of haunting, some intentional others not.

'Death In Venice' is probably the best example of a film that carries a supernatural soul that is not obviously fabricated by the film-makers.

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