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Des Lewis and the Polo Mints

Des Lewis and the Polo Mints

posted Friday, 10 July 2009

This is a copy of a poem written by Coleen and Paul Bradshaw who have kindly given permission to show it here. I am told it was read out aloud at the Bradford Terror Scribes meeting about a week ago, and a copy of the poem was won in a raffle.


Des Lewis bought some polo mints,
They’re the mints that everyone knows.
But when he opened the packet
The mints didn’t have any holes!
‘Where are all the holes?’ he cried,
‘This really is the pits.’
For although he liked the outside parts
The holes were his favourite bits.
He looked over here and he looked over there,
He looked everywhere around.
He even looked where he couldn’t see,
But the holes were not to be found.
‘I’m not having this,’ he said to himself,
And back into the shop went he.
‘These mints have got no holes!’ he yelled,
‘And that’s no good to me.’
The shopkeeper smiled an enormous smile,
For Des is very well known.
‘Didn’t you know?’ he said at last,
‘You can now buy the holes on their own!’
So he handed Des a packet of holes
Which he slipped into his jacket
And when he got outside the shop
He gingerly opened the packet.
He slowly took out one of the holes,
Which felt all lovely and new
Then he popped it into his mouth
And started to suck and chew.
He thought they tasted exceedingly good
And in no time the holes were all gone.
‘Polo mints are really good,’ he said,
‘But I’m going to buy the holes from now on!

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