Sunday, August 15, 2010

Woken With A Kiss

Woken With A Kiss

posted Friday, 1 April 2005

I am not a human being - positively not. My mind is at least clear on that point.
So, the only element of doubt is why I have a mind at all preoccupied with such a self-conviction.

Perhaps, I’m imagining the mind - or it’s a ghost of a mind - or it’s someone else’s mind (your mind?) that I’m using.

I suspect it is a mind of sorts, but an alien template of a human one. I’d be a creature from outer space, if that wasn’t so laughable.

No, the truth surely resides somewhere else. The best clue is upon looking at myself in the bathroom mirror and seeing a complete stranger there with pouting lips and eyes tightly closed.

So, it’s all a dream. A dream without a dreamer.


I only know I’ve fallen deeply in love with that zombie in the mirror. I close my eyes and lower my lips toward the glass. . .

(published 'The Ultimate Zombie' Dell 1993)

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